International Football Coaching – Quinten De Vos

My name is Quinten, and I’m from The Netherlands. In 2022, I had the opportunity to volunteer for 12 weeks with United Through Sport. During my time there, I primarily coached sports like football, tennis, and netball. This experience allowed me to meet children from a completely different culture, teaching me valuable lessons and broadening my perspective.

You could really see the impact on the children’s lives we made. They remembered our sessions and loved the memories we created together. Seeing their progress and knowing we contributed to their happiness and development was immensely rewarding. Education and sport are vital for all children, and I believe United Through Sport is making a significant difference in the communities we work with.

The volunteer experience was not just about coaching. We had loads free time to explore South Africa and participate in various excursions organised by UTS. Weekends were filled with cool activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, and sandboarding. The safari was the highlight, offering an unreal experience of seeing wildlife up close. Each excursion added to the adventure and grew our understanding of South Africa’s natural beauty and culture.

Living with other volunteers for an extended period allowed me to form strong bonds. Despite working with different groups over time, we became a close-knit family. The UTS staff were incredibly supportive, ensuring our stay was comfortable and welcoming. They prioritised the volunteers, making sure we had a life-changing experience.

This volunteer program was the best experience of my life. It taught me to appreciate the simple joys, understand different cultures, and value the impact of education and sports on children’s lives. The friendships I made and the memories I created will stay with me forever. I highly recommend volunteering with United Through Sport to anyone looking for a meaningful and adventurous experience. Thank you, United Through Sport, for the incredible journey. I hope to return someday and continue making a difference.

This volunteer program was the best experience of my life