Katie Evans – Teaching Volunteer Project

I volunteered with United Through Sport for five weeks in 2022 and it was something that I knew was going to be a life changing experience. We went into about four schools a day coaching sports and motivating the children to have a passion for it like ourselves. Once a week, I also helped teach English at our two partner schools; Astra and Isaac Booi.

We worked with a wide range of ages, the little ones we taught a programme called Learn to Move, this is where we would teach them basic skills through fun games. This was always my favourite part of the day, seeing all the little ones excited running around with such big smiles on their faces. With the older children, we would coach them in a variety of sports to allow them to explore. I mainly coached cricket, which I don’t have a lot of knowledge on but with my enthusiasm the children soon got involved and were growing in confidence.

In the English lessons at Astra, I was warmly welcomed into a class with sweet letters and drawings from the children. I would help with their lessons and encourage them to carry on when struggling. With Isaac Booi, I had 1-2-1 reading lessons helping the children to understand English more and become more fluent. With both of these schools, I was fascinated by their English abilities and saw a big difference in improvement throughout my time there. I felt as though my contribution had made a difference.

United Through Sport also had the best excursions planned that are once in a lifetime opportunities. My favourite being the Skydive with the incredible view of Jeffery’s Bay, this was indescribable.
I would go back in a heartbeat and seeing how United Through Sport has such a big impact on the schools out in South Africa has inspired me greatly. You will never regret or forget this experience!