Eddie Foster – International Rugby Experience

My name is Eddie, and my 12-week volunteer experience with United Through Sport in South Africa, from August to November, was nothing short of incredible. I had the privilege of coaching a variety of sports and teaching English to children in local schools facing challenges. It was amazing to see the real impact we had on all of the children that we worked with.

What made this journey truly remarkable was the friends I met from all over the world. While I felt a little nervous arriving on the first night, I met so many amazing people and am already planning to meet many of my new friends in their home countries. The social life in South Africa was amazing, being so close to the beach made the afternoons and evenings so fun.

The variety of excursions gave me the opportunity to take part in so many once in a lifetime experiences, especially Skydiving! However, the pinnacle was definitely the SA Experience in the final week. Doing the Garden Route and culminating in Cape Town with my fellow volunteers was the perfect ending to an already extraordinary experience.

The United Through Sport staff were so helpful and supportive, and everybody really made me feel at home. The location of United Through Sport, nestled in the heart of South Africa, provided such a unique and unforgettable experience.

My time with United Through Sport in South Africa was truly transformative, leaving me with cherished memories and a profound appreciation for the power of global connections. I would recommend the experience to anybody, and am already planning a return trip!