Fundraise for your international trip

As United Through Sport is a charity and all our programmes in-country are charitable activities, you are able to fundraise to support the cost of your trip through receiving donations.  You may also be eligible to receive funding support as part of a career development programme at your school, college or university.

Funding Options

Speak to your school, college or university as they may have funding available specifically for career development opportunities or volunteering support.

  • A British government funded programme, called Turing Scheme is specifically designed to provide funding for students to work, study or volunteer abroad. Your careers or global engagement team will be able to tell you more.
  • Do a sponsored event – check out our fundraising guide for more ideas about what kind of events can be effective.
  • Set up a fundraising page – we can make it even easier for you by helping you set up a fundraising page through Total Giving – our chosen online fundraising partner (see steps below)
  • Apply to a financial aid organisation – search for a list of possible support organisations in your local area.
  • Get a part time job – many of our programme participants raise extra funds for their travels through part time or holiday employment, it can be a great investment to boost your CV too.

Setting up a fundraising page to help fund your trip

To set-up a fundraising page on Total Giving to contribute directly to the cost of your trip with us follow these steps below:

  • Click on our Total Giving profile page
  • Enter your email address and press continue
  • Confirm if you would like to log in through facebook
  • Create a user account and enter personal details (name, address, etc.)
  • Set up your fundraising page profile – including title, personal message and email message to your supporters who have donated
  • Add images to support your campaign – you can take any images from our website to use for this
  • Add a video link – again feel free to use the link from any of the videos on our website
  • Activate your page and start sharing it with friends, family, sports teams, churches, businesses or any other networks who may know you personally and might like to support your positive contribution to transforming lives through sport

If you are planning to use the United Through Sport fundraising platform to raise funds for your trip, please read our terms and conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the participation of individuals in online fundraising campaigns using the Total-Giving platform to raise funds for the United Through Sport travel programme. By participating in this fundraising initiative, you agree to abide by these Terms:

  1. Fundraising Purpose
  • The purpose of your online fundraising campaign is to raise funds to support your participation in the United Through Sport travel programme.
  1. Fundraising Platform
  • You will use the Total-Giving platform to facilitate your fundraising efforts.
  1. Final Balance and Deadline
  • The final balance of funds raised will be calculated and taken from your campaign 45 days before the departure date of your trip.
  • Any funds raised after this 45-day period will not count towards the cost of your trip and will be considered as a donation to United Through Sport.
  1. Use of Funds
  • The funds you raise are intended solely for the purpose of covering your expenses related to the United Through Sport travel programme, including all in-country participation costs such as accommodation, food, programme transport and 24 hour in-country support.
  • The funds raised will not be able to be used to contribute to your flights, personal insurance or spending money to participate in the programme.
  1. Gift Aid
  • Gift Aid, if applicable, cannot be added to the cost of your trip.
  • However, United Through Sport will gratefully accept Gift Aid as an extra donation to the charity, which will be used to further our mission and support our projects.
  1. Accountability and Transparency
  • You are responsible for providing accurate and truthful information regarding your fundraising campaign.
  • You may not use any funds raised for your personal costs and may only be used to contribute to the amount required to be paid to United Through Sport to facilitate your trip.
  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • You must comply with all relevant laws and regulations governing online fundraising activities, including data protection and tax regulations.
  1. Use of United Through Sport Branding
  • Any use of United Through Sport’s name, logo, or branding in your fundraising activities must be approved by United Through Sport in advance.
  1. Communication and Reporting
  • You agree to keep United Through Sport informed about the progress of your fundraising campaign and to provide updates as requested.
  1. Termination of Fundraising Campaign

United Through Sport reserves the right to terminate or suspend your fundraising campaign at its discretion if it determines that you are not adhering to these Terms or if your campaign poses a risk to the reputation or interests of the charity.

Should you choose to withdraw from your trip at any point or your fundraising campaign fails for whatever reason United Through Sport reserves all rights to the donations received and will only consider returning donations inline with its Donation Return Policy.

  1. Changes to Terms

United Through Sport may modify these Terms at any time, and any changes will be communicated to you.

By participating in the United Through Sport travel programme fundraising initiative, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Your commitment to raising funds in support of our mission is greatly appreciated.

Last Updated: September 2023

For enquiries or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].