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Multi-Sports Coaching Project

Thailand Flag
Singburi, Thailand
Sports Project in Thailand
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Trip Code: THVMS1
Duration: 2 Weeks - 12 Weeks
From £500 for 2 Weeks + £250 per Week
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Football in ThailandThailand VolunteeringVolleyball in Thailand

Coach sport in the community with United Through Sport's volunteer project in Singburi, Thailand and witness the power of sport in action.

Did you know that you can fundraise for your trip project price? For more information check out the Extra Info tab. 

Sport is loved by many in Thailand. Muay Thai is the Country’s signature sport and is probably the most popular amongst the Thai people. Football is also very popular. Governed by the Football Association of Thailand (FAT), it has arguably caught up with Muay-Thai in terms of popularity. Volleyball is also very popular and is played mostly by Women at a National level. United Through Sport is looking for volunteers to bring the benefits of structured sports to the children of Singburi, Thailand.

In this project, the volunteers bring their own passion for sport to each session. There are many sports that are very well known and widely played in the Western world that are not nearly as well known or followed in Thailand. You would have the opportunity to use and promote your sport in the Singburi Province, two hours North of Bangkok. Sport is not as used in schools all that much in Thailand, with perhaps 1 hour a week dedicated to either football or volleyball. Communities in Thailand, however, realise that sport is a great tool for development. 

In this project, we use sport as a means to improve these children’s performance in the classroom. The benefits of direct sports coaching are tried and tested. These sessions can have a positive impact upon a child’s attitude toward school as well as their general attitude to others. One of the greatest advantages that can be drawn from these sessions is the improvement in the children’s English.

We also have access to a community centre in which we run an afterschool club, to which children in the local community are invited to take part in structured sport sessions. During this afterschool club, we can teach crucial life skills' which relate to the problems and issues that face the kids in everyday life.

In this project, you will work alongside other like-minded volunteers as well as our in-country staff. As a team you will deliver organised and productive sessions that benefit all involved. Whilst the main sports being coached in this particular project would be football and volleyball, we are in a position to run sessions with other sports such as rugby, netball, cricket or basketball. We welcome kit donations to this project in order to keep our equipment stock replenished. If you were planning on doing some rugby drills, for example, it may be an idea to bring a couple of deflated balls and a pump in your luggage.  

For this project, we ask that you bring enthusiasm and imagination to each session. It is not essential to have any previous coaching experience, but knowledge and a basic level of playing experience is recommended in order to have the greatest effect possible upon the project.

This project is perfect for somebody looking for gap year travel with a difference. Perfect for anyone who wants to spend some time in a wonderful country surrounded by people with similar interests doing something truly special. 

CRB/DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) Check
To take part in this project we require participants to complete a CRB/ DBS (Criminal Records Bureau). United Through Sport can provide this service for you at an additional cost of £30. For more information on the application process please take a look at the relevant Add On Tab. 

Quick Facts

Trip Name
Multi-Sports Coaching Project
Trip Code
Bangkok International Airport (BKK)
Minimum Duration
2 Weeks
Maximum Duration
12 Weeks
Minimum Age
Trip Type
Basketball, Cricket, Football, Netball, Hockey, Rugby
From £500 for 2 Weeks + £250 per Week
£ 200.00
Preferred Duration
We recommend that you take part in this project for the longest time possible in order to have the most impact upon the project.
No coaching qualifications are necessary, but we strongly recommend you have a base knowledge of the sports you wish to coach. It is very important that you bring enthusiasm and imagination to each session.
Ideal for
Gap year travellers; sports coaches; sports coaching and training abroad; sports volunteers; Gap Year and Career Break Sports Training in Asia
• • •

Arrival Dates

You can arrive any weekend of the year, preferably on a Sunday before 16:00 so that we can pick you up from the airport and transfer you to Singburi which is approximately 2.5hrs drive. If you arrive on a Saturday, you will stay in a guest house in Bangkok and then be transferred to Singburi on the Sunday at approximately midday.

Note from mid March to mid May and all of Oct that it is school holidays, so various camps are put on to serve the community. There will be games and outdoor activities delivered. Additionally you will be offered other placement work in the community if you want it and what is relevant at the time you visit. 

British Nationals only require a visa to enter Thailand if they intend on staying over 30 days. Click here for more information on applying for a tourist visa.
• • •


The accommodation is situated just outside the town of Singburi in a small village called Tha Kham. There are three houses there that our volunteers stay at. There is Lemon House (which can come with extra comfort at an additional cost), Twin House and Brown House. Each can hold up to 72 people in a dormitory style, with a maximum of four to a room.Each house has a private western style bathroom with shower and toilet. There is free wifi and a communal space in each house for volunteers to socialise and relax. Within walking distance are an ATM, shops, a doctor’s surgery, a pharmacist, a local food market and a swimming pool. Singburi itself is only a ten minute car journey away, with all the amenities you could want and lots of bars and restaurants.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided on weekdays and breakfast and dinner on weekends. The meals will be traditional Thai cuisine, consisting of mainly rice dishes.
Airport Transfers
Included on arrival and departure dates. Ask our dedicated travel advisors if you are arriving early.
Orientation into the local area with a full introduction to the project upon arrival.
24 hour emergency support; Pre departure help and advice; local in country team.
Project Coordinator
An English speaking coordinator will accompany you to your training sessions to translate your trainers instructions.
Travel Equipment and Medical Discounts
United Through Sport customers will receive 10% off all Travel Equipment, Medical Supplies and Vaccinations from Nomad Travel Store.
• • •

Not Included

Extra Activities not on the itinerary; Flights; In-Country Travel; Travel Insurance; Spending Money; Visas; and Vaccinations
• • •

Social Aspects
One thing that you definitely won’t be disappointed by in Thailand is the social scene. There is ample opportunity for our volunteers to indulge in the vibrant nightlife of Thailand, relax and let their hair down. People are drawn to Thailand from all over the World for this very reason. The culture of the people means festivals and parties galore, a great chance to create some lasting memories.

Safety and Security
The safety and security of our volunteers is of paramount importance to us at United Through Sport. The accommodation always has staff on duty at all times to keep the place safe and secure and there are facilities in place to be able to lock away valuables. 

Weekends are for volunteers to do with, what they please, so long as they are ready and able to continue the project on the Monday morning. This could mean that volunteers travel to Bangkok just two hours to the South, or go even further afield. Our team on the ground as well as our team in the UK can help and advise you with organising this. There are also lots of sporting events at the weekends that you may wish to participate in or help to organise.

Thailand Map

Known around the world as the ‘Land of Smiles’, and locally as ‘Land of the Free’, Thailand is a stunning country with a friendly and vibrant culture waiting to welcome you when you arrive in Bangkok. Thailand is guaranteed to have something to suit you, whether it be the hustle and bustle of the Capital, the wonderment of the tropical rainforests in the mountainous north or the peace and serenity of the Buddhist Temples dotted throughout the country.

A predominantly Buddhist country, Thailand reflects the virtues and beliefs that are central to Buddhist teachings. Known for their welcoming nature, the people of Thailand are both amicable and social, taking great care and attention of the many tourists to touch down on its shores. This is in keeping with the Buddhist beliefs of the country, in which happiness isn’t linked to how much money you have in your bank account. 

Many people whilst in Thailand, take time to go and visit the impressive Temples and giant statues of the Buddha to try and grasp an understanding of the Thai people and the religion that forms such an important part of their lives.
A vibrant country with hospitable people and a diverse landscape, Thailand is a country that has something for everyone. 

Quick Facts
Kingdom of Thailand
Bordering Countries
Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia
Capital City
Constitutional Monarchy under Military Junta
67.4 million
Baht (THB)
Kingdom of Thailand
13.2% of population are below the poverty line
Main Exports
Textiles, Footwear, Fishery Products, Rice, Rubber, Jewellery, Automobiles
Time Zone
GMT +7
Thailand Flag

Bangkok – the Capital City is a bustling metropolis of skyscrapers, grand palaces, religious temples and busy street markets. 

Chiang Mai – Deep in the mountains in the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a thriving city, where most backpackers and tourists use as their reference point to explore the diverse landscapes, adventures and indigenous hill tribes of the region.

Thai Islands – The islands that surround Thailand are renowned for their stunning beaches, breath-taking scenery and their party atmosphere. 

Long Boats Thailand Elephant Budda

History of Thailand
Thailand has an extremely complex history that has contributed to the diversity of its population and culture. The origins of the Thai people that we know today, are believed to have come from northwestern Szechuan in China who migrated south to Thailand, then known as Siam, via Southern China. From there two prime communities were established. In the North, the new settlements became known as the kingdom of ‘Lanna’ and in the South, the Kingdom of Sukhothai. From here Thai civilization grew and developed into what we see today.

Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand, with 95% of the population practicing it. In the 11th Century, the Dvaravati culture dominated with the city of Nakhon Pathom in central Thailand being the epicentre of the culture. Dvaravati culture is well known for its art work, which included various sculptures, Buddhist imagery and architecture, a must see for tourists. 

The transition from Siam to Thailand has been a difficult one for the country, but the Buddhist culture dominates day to day life and is reflected by a country which is both friendly and welcoming to visitors to the ‘Land of Smiles’. 

Travelling in Thailand
With an area of more than twice that of the United Kingdom, Thailand is expansive and varied in its landscapes and in the activities available in the country. Widely regarded as the epicentre of all backpacking adventures in Asia, transport in Thailand is cheap and widely accessible.

All means of transport in Thailand are significantly cheaper than in Western civilisation, one such form of transport is the infamous Tuk Tuk. Buses can be surprisingly comfortable and are quick and very frequent. Trains can be slow but are very safe and come with the added benefit of giving you a chance to have a nap and some peace and quiet in the non-stop country that Thailand is. The islands surrounding Thailand are a tourist hotspot and are not to be missed. There are well priced ferries which take you from the mainland to any island and from there you can catch another ferry to take you from island to island. These islands are world renowned for different reasons, some for their stunning beaches, others for their breath-taking scenery and some for their party atmosphere. 

Gap Years and Career Breaks
Thailand is a wonderful option for people wanting to take a gap year or career break. With a limitless list of activities available you can easily get your fix of social activities, wildlife, community projects and culture. With tasty food and loads of tourist activities, but with a high level of poverty and critical community work to get involved with Thailand provides the ideal environment to spend some meaningful time mixing travelling with volunteer work.

Safety Assurance
Before you even book your volunteer experience with us, a lot of time and effort has gone into safety and risk assessments and standards to make sure that all of the placement we offer are fully safe, secure and provide maximum support to ensure the best quality placements possible.

Help Choosing the right Placement
Our staff know our programmes inside out so you can be assured that by getting to know you and your needs they will be able help you select the best possible placement for you based on their extensive knowledge of our programmes

Pre-departure Advice and Support
Once you have booked your trip you will be assigned to one of our travel advisors to help you plan and prepare everything you need for your trip including any information about visa’s, vaccinations or kit to take with you.  They will be on hand right up to your day of departure to answer any last minute questions you might have.

Help with Flights and Insurance
Although we do not offer flights and insurance directly (to allow you maximum flexibility in choosing these options) we do have partnerships with industry leading organisations who can provide both services for you and ensure you are paying the most affordable rates and are offered tailor made packages to suit your travelling requirements.

The accommodation is situated just outside the town of Singburi in a small village called Tha Kham. There are three houses there that our volunteers stay at. There is Lemon House (which can come with extra comfort at an additional cost), Twin House and Brown House. Each can hold up to 72 people in a dormitory style, with a maximum of four to a room.Each house has a private western style bathroom with shower and toilet. There is free wifi and a communal space in each house for volunteers to socialise and relax.

Three meals a day are provided from Monday to Friday and two meals a day are provided at the weekends.

All placement transport is included. This includes airport transfers, and daily drop off and pick up at your placement.

In Country Support
All volunteer activities are accompanied by local staff. Volunteer Coordinating staff stay on-site for 24 hour support and two night security guards ensure the safety of the volunteer group.

Of your fee, 70% goes directly to the local charity, which will cover all the direct costs of your placement as well as support for equipment, school fees and transport for local children in the programmes. 
Suvarnabhumi Airport Visit Thailand Thai Airways
After you have booked you placement with us you will need to organise your flights and insurance. 

Flights and travel insurance are not included in your trip but are essential to your travel, which means you will have to arrange them before you leave. But don't panic! To make life easier for you, we offer a free, personal booking service through our chosen flights partner – StudentUniverse. They will guide you every step of the way.

Please do not go into a store/branch as we have a specific team based in London who can deal with your requirements and are also familiar with how we operate to make sure you get the best service possible and end up where you are meant to!

Please click here to use the flight search engine or call the StudentUniverse team.
Talk To Us
We have a team of friendly Travel Advisors working round the clock to answer any questions you may have. So if you need any advice, or are wondering what volunteering for United Through Sport is like, just drop us a line, email us, or ask for a call back and we would be more than happy to have a chat!

Book Your Place
When you are ready to book your place, simply get in touch with us and we will guide you through the simple application process. We do ask that to secure your place, you provide us with a small deposit so that we can plan our projects effectively. The rest of the fee can be paid in manageable installments.

Welcome Pack
Once you have booked and paid your deposit, we will be in touch to confirm your place and provide you with the login details for our online Travel Centre, which is full of all the information you need before heading out to volunteer with us.

Flights and Insurance
After you have booked your flights and arranged travel insurance, make sure you let us know these details so we know when you are arriving! These are not added into the project fee so that you can avoid any unnecessary administrative costs, and to give you more flexibility, but our partners will be able to help you find the best options.

Visas and Vaccinations
You will also have to make sure you have all the vaccinations and visas for your project. We can provide you with lots of information to help you obtain your visa, and your GP or travel clinic will be able to tell you exactly which vaccinations you need.

Once you get here, look forward to a warm welcome from our team at the airport to take you to your accommodation. They will make sure you are fully settled in and understand your new surroundings.    
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  • "I loved it, just loved it! Hope to get involved with United Through Sport again in the future!!"
    Max Vigor , Teaching, South Africa
  • Great tour! Met some lovely people in South Africa, me and the guys loved the warmth that we were met with and the teams we played against were fantastic, it was good to Braai with those guys after the games. Superb"
    Matthew Brannigan , Sports Tours, South Africa
  • We were all impressed with the standard of football that we were up against in South Africa and it definitely brought out the best in us. As for the opposition, a great bunch of lads."
    Jonny Cox , Sports Tours, South Africa
  • "What an amazing time I had in Argentina, I miss it already. Alejandro, our coordinator, showed us all a fantastic time. Thanks United Through Sport!!!"
    Tom Leahy , Football, Argentina
  • "Thank you to everyone at United Through Sport. I have had my eyes open to the poverty in Argentina. It is so important that volunteers continue to sign up, they will not regret it"
    Declan Cockpu , Football, Argentina
  • "The most amazing experience of my life. I enjoyed this opportunity so much that I now live in Ghana and work for the charity's sports academy".
    Alex Burrows , Football, Ghana
  • "This was my first time in Africa and it was such an eye opener. An amazing opportunity to coach the academy lads at United Through Sport."
    Tom Lyonette , Football, Ghana
  • "I loved the friendships I made through the netball sessions and it's great to see what this charity is doing for so many."
    Anna Robinson , Netball, Ghana
  • "I volunteered on a netball project in 2010 and loved it so much that I never went back. Ghana is my favourite place on earth and I just love the Dzandza brothers who look after you."
    Liz Wells , Netball, Ghana
  • "Such an amazing time spent with all my Ghanaian friends. Thanks so much for making the netball experience such a fantastic and unforgettable time."
    Natalie Schaffer , Netball, Ghana
  • "This was a unique experience. Working in all areas of Ghanaian athletics has given me a great understanding of how athletics is developing in West Africa."
    Josh Curtis , Athletics, Ghana
  • "I play a lot of golf in the USA, so to have the chance to play in Ghana and also coach kids was a fantastic experience."
    Peter Lamenzo , Golf, Ghana
  • "It was great to work alongside the Ghana Golf Association to help run tournaments as well as coaching for the young caddys."
    Peter Dunmore , Golf, Ghana
  • "This was such a rewarding project that got great results. Seeing kids who were scared of the water gradually gain confidence was amazing."
    Rob Scott , Swimming, Ghana
  • "We take being able to swim for granted so being able to teach young Ghanaians this valuable gift was a huge privilege."
    Laura Brown , Swimming, Ghana
  • "I saved for 3 years to get myself on this tennis coaching opportunity and it was worth every penny. There is so much more to do to develop tennis in Africa and I am glad I could be part of it."
    Sally Bolton , Tennis, Ghana
  • "We did a 24 hour tennis-athon to help raise money for the tennis centre. It was exhausting but such a great experience. Ghana is just a fantastic place."
    Joe Page , Tennis, Ghana
  • "First class opportunity to really get involved with the boxing scene in West Africa. A totally unforgettable experience. Cheers."
    Michael Saxby , Boxing, Ghana
  • "The trip was my first outside of Europe so to have the support in Ghana to experience everything I did was so helpful, so I could just get on and make the most of my boxing experience."
    Lee Steggles , Boxing, Ghana
  • "Having the chance to work with the Ghana Rugby Association and travel to Mali for an international game as part of the management team was awesome."
    Chris Morgan , Rugby, Ghana
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