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1. Safety and Security: Nothing is more important than the safety of our volunteers in whichever destination they choose to visit. All accommodation is completely secure and our volunteers always feel safe. We also employ security guards to ensure that it remains that way. What’s more, our coordinators live on the volunteer base too, to ensure that all is safe and well.

2. Financially Safe and Secure: You need to know that your money is safe when you book your trip, especially as you pay the full amount a few weeks before you leave. This is why we have a professional and transparent accounting structure, monitored by our internal and external auditing systems; we have never failed any of our budgets or financial years since our inception in 2004. The money you pay us towards a trip is secured in a separate client account which is only accessed nearer to the time of your travel. This ensures you would be paid back in the highly unlikely event of our financial failure. 

3. Support: We employ a very strong team of people who offer first-rate support for all of our volunteers at all times. From the moment you enquire about a trip, our travel team can offer expert advice on all aspects of your trip. This level of support is sustained at all times throughout the preparation of the trip and throughout the trip itself. They can affect changes to the trip as you wish and can offer advice on excursions and flight changes if necessary. Support is available 24/7 whilst on your placement. Our coordinators live on site and are always available to answer any questions. They can also advise on excursions and travel from the base as they all possess excellent in-country knowledge.

4. Comfort: Our accommodation and facilities are all basic yet comfortable and with our staff on hand to help at all times, our volunteers can always relax at a United Through Sport base. Volunteers always have the choice to socialise with other volunteers or to relax by themselves if they’d prefer. You can also rest assured that our accommodation is kept up to a high standard of cleanliness, comfort and security.

5. Value for Money: We offer great value trips with no hidden costs. Quality pre-departure advice, excellent in-country support and professionally run activities are just some of the benefits you will receive. Your money also helps United Through Sport on a wider level, providing opportunities for kids in all the countries where we work. That way, you know what you have paid is being channeled into the right areas.

6. Personal Organisation: Because United Through Sport is a medium sized organisation with a history and track record of success you will quickly see how much we care about our travellers. We will get to know you as an individual and you will immediately feel part of our team. This personal support is continued until the moment you return home.

7. The United Through Sport Family: your experience overseas with us does not stop when you finish your trip. All our returned volunteers automatically become part of the family and our alumni, meaning that we support you as you go into further education or your career. We run annual reunions so you can meet up with your travel buddies and also hear how you can become ambassadors of the charity through our charity champions scheme, helping you stay connected to a charity that you have personally been involved with.






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  • "What an amazing time I had in Argentina, I miss it already. Alejandro, our coordinator, showed us all a fantastic time. Thanks United Through Sport!!!"
    Tom Leahy , Football, Argentina
  • "Thank you to everyone at United Through Sport. I have had my eyes open to the poverty in Argentina. It is so important that volunteers continue to sign up, they will not regret it"
    Declan Cockpu , Football, Argentina
  • "The most amazing experience of my life. I enjoyed this opportunity so much that I now live in Ghana and work for the charity's sports academy".
    Alex Burrows , Football, Ghana
  • "This was my first time in Africa and it was such an eye opener. An amazing opportunity to coach the academy lads at United Through Sport."
    Tom Lyonette , Football, Ghana
  • "I loved the friendships I made through the netball sessions and it's great to see what this charity is doing for so many."
    Anna Robinson , Netball, Ghana
  • "I volunteered on a netball project in 2010 and loved it so much that I never went back. Ghana is my favourite place on earth and I just love the Dzandza brothers who look after you."
    Liz Wells , Netball, Ghana
  • "Such an amazing time spent with all my Ghanaian friends. Thanks so much for making the netball experience such a fantastic and unforgettable time."
    Natalie Schaffer , Netball, Ghana
  • "This was a unique experience. Working in all areas of Ghanaian athletics has given me a great understanding of how athletics is developing in West Africa."
    Josh Curtis , Athletics, Ghana
  • "I play a lot of golf in the USA, so to have the chance to play in Ghana and also coach kids was a fantastic experience."
    Peter Lamenzo , Golf, Ghana
  • "It was great to work alongside the Ghana Golf Association to help run tournaments as well as coaching for the young caddys."
    Peter Dunmore , Golf, Ghana
  • "This was such a rewarding project that got great results. Seeing kids who were scared of the water gradually gain confidence was amazing."
    Rob Scott , Swimming, Ghana
  • "We take being able to swim for granted so being able to teach young Ghanaians this valuable gift was a huge privilege."
    Laura Brown , Swimming, Ghana
  • "I saved for 3 years to get myself on this tennis coaching opportunity and it was worth every penny. There is so much more to do to develop tennis in Africa and I am glad I could be part of it."
    Sally Bolton , Tennis, Ghana
  • "We did a 24 hour tennis-athon to help raise money for the tennis centre. It was exhausting but such a great experience. Ghana is just a fantastic place."
    Joe Page , Tennis, Ghana
  • "First class opportunity to really get involved with the boxing scene in West Africa. A totally unforgettable experience. Cheers."
    Michael Saxby , Boxing, Ghana
  • "The trip was my first outside of Europe so to have the support in Ghana to experience everything I did was so helpful, so I could just get on and make the most of my boxing experience."
    Lee Steggles , Boxing, Ghana
  • "Having the chance to work with the Ghana Rugby Association and travel to Mali for an international game as part of the management team was awesome."
    Chris Morgan , Rugby, Ghana
  • "Really loved working with the kids at the charity and hanging out with all the other sporty volunteers. An experience to remember."
    Rory Peter , Rugby, Ghana
  • "There was so much enthusiasm from the kids I coached that it made the experience even more great as they listened to everything I had to teach them. There is some serious potential in Ghana too."
    Ed Wander , Rugby, Ghana
  • "Working with the kids at the School of Excellence was great. They are very talented on the pitch but to give them an education around this is vital."
    Sarah May , Teaching, Ghana
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