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1. Safety and Security: Nothing is more important than the safety of our volunteers in whichever destination they choose to visit. All accommodation is completely secure and our volunteers always feel safe. We also employ security guards to ensure that it remains that way. What’s more, our coordinators live on the volunteer base too, to ensure that all is safe and well.

2. Financially Safe and Secure: You need to know that your money is safe when you book your trip, especially as you pay the full amount a few weeks before you leave. This is why we have a professional and transparent accounting structure, monitored by our internal and external auditing systems; we have never failed any of our budgets or financial years since our inception in 2004. The money you pay us towards a trip is secured in a separate client account which is only accessed nearer to the time of your travel. This ensures you would be paid back in the highly unlikely event of our financial failure. 

3. Support: We employ a very strong team of people who offer first-rate support for all of our volunteers at all times. From the moment you enquire about a trip, our travel team can offer expert advice on all aspects of your trip. This level of support is sustained at all times throughout the preparation of the trip and throughout the trip itself. They can affect changes to the trip as you wish and can offer advice on excursions and flight changes if necessary. Support is available 24/7 whilst on your placement. Our coordinators live on site and are always available to answer any questions. They can also advise on excursions and travel from the base as they all possess excellent in-country knowledge.

4. Comfort: Our accommodation and facilities are all basic yet comfortable and with our staff on hand to help at all times, our volunteers can always relax at a United Through Sport base. Volunteers always have the choice to socialise with other volunteers or to relax by themselves if they’d prefer. You can also rest assured that our accommodation is kept up to a high standard of cleanliness, comfort and security.

5. Value for Money: We offer great value trips with no hidden costs. Quality pre-departure advice, excellent in-country support and professionally run activities are just some of the benefits you will receive. Your money also helps United Through Sport on a wider level, providing opportunities for kids in all the countries where we work. That way, you know what you have paid is being channeled into the right areas.

6. Personal Organisation: Because United Through Sport is a medium sized organisation with a history and track record of success you will quickly see how much we care about our travellers. We will get to know you as an individual and you will immediately feel part of our team. This personal support is continued until the moment you return home.

7. The United Through Sport Family: your experience overseas with us does not stop when you finish your trip. All our returned volunteers automatically become part of the family and our alumni, meaning that we support you as you go into further education or your career. We run annual reunions so you can meet up with your travel buddies and also hear how you can become ambassadors of the charity through our charity champions scheme, helping you stay connected to a charity that you have personally been involved with.






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  • "Coming to Argentina to coach rugby was one of the best decisions of my life. I loved the country and my host family were lovely and gave me a great welcome. Definitely coming back one day."
    Dan Lythgoe , Rugby, Argentina
  • “This experience has opened my eyes to the kindness and selflessness of underprivileged children in South Africa. They have all been a pleasure to coach and have never failed to make me laugh. It is a beautiful thing to see them all going home with smiles on their faces.
    Jack Hulme , Cricket, South Africa
  • “I will never forget the time that one of the games came down to the last ball with 2 runs to win. The youngest kid on the team was facing the final delivery and chipped it over the infield to scramble the winning runs. His teammates then ran onto the pitch and lifted him into the air, cheering his name – magical.”
    Charles El-Nemer , Cricket, South Africa
  • Words cannot describe the feeling that volunteering in this way gave me. Watching the kids improve and begin to work together was incredibly rewarding. Thanks United Through Sport."
    Jamie Beagley , Basketball, South Africa
  • "The standard of Basketball amongst these kids was a lot higher than expected and their behaviour was almost perfect. Gonna miss them and the volunteers, made some great mates here."
    Danny Nicholas , Basketball, South Africa
  • "We always think of Baseball as being exclusive to America and as a lover of the sport, I cannot express the joy it brought me to see another nation's youngsters embrace it as I have witnessed in Argentina. More work like this needs to be done. Good job United Through Sport."
    Alex Charlesworth , Baseball, Argentina
  • "I love hockey and I had no idea that the kids in the Townships of Port Elizabeth would share my passion. Their behaviour was a impeccable and it was so easy to unwind after a days coaching because the accommodation and the staff were all so wonderful."
    Jj Burrows , Hockey, South Africa
  • Loved the setup at United Through Sport. Comfy accommodation. Plenty of support from the staff who are all excellent. Our base was close to all the shops and restaurants and an ATM. Loved getting up in the morning to coach too, so much fun working in a team and having fun coaching the kids!"
    James Rogers , Hockey, South Africa
  • "I had the most amazing 5 months ever. Working with the charity and seeing the impact they have on some many lives was just incredible. Thanks to all involved."
    Ruben Baarda (NL) , Hockey, South Africa
  • Tennis is so important to me that I'm glad I was able to use it to help the young children in Port Elizabeth. I had a blast!"
    Dimitri Le Vourch , Tennis, South Africa
  • I am really thankful to the guys of United Through Sport which gave me this opportunity to teach tennis to hundreds of great South African children. These 5 weeks made me a very happy girl and changed my life back in Holland in a positive way as well.
    Maud Calame (NL) , Tennis, South Africa
  • Watching the kids improving in the water was so moving I can't think of a more rewarding way to spend a summer. Phenomenal."
    Amy Nicholls , Swimming, South Africa
  • "Taking my love of tennis to Argentina was a dream come true. I will never forget this once in a life time opportunity to play and coach tennis to a range of abilities in such a great country. Thanks to all who were part of this!"
    Emily Prescott , Tennis, Argentina
  • Teaching in Argentina was better than I ever expected it to be. It was very emotional saying goodbye and I will miss the buzz of excitement we used to get before arriving at the schools and the incredible welcome the kids would always give us."
    Sam Edwards , Teaching, South Africa
  • "I loved it, just loved it! Hope to get involved with United Through Sport again in the future!!"
    Max Vigor , Teaching, South Africa
  • Great tour! Met some lovely people in South Africa, me and the guys loved the warmth that we were met with and the teams we played against were fantastic, it was good to Braai with those guys after the games. Superb"
    Matthew Brannigan , Sports Tours, South Africa
  • We were all impressed with the standard of football that we were up against in South Africa and it definitely brought out the best in us. As for the opposition, a great bunch of lads."
    Jonny Cox , Sports Tours, South Africa
  • "What an amazing time I had in Argentina, I miss it already. Alejandro, our coordinator, showed us all a fantastic time. Thanks United Through Sport!!!"
    Tom Leahy , Football, Argentina
  • "Thank you to everyone at United Through Sport. I have had my eyes open to the poverty in Argentina. It is so important that volunteers continue to sign up, they will not regret it"
    Declan Cockpu , Football, Argentina
  • "The most amazing experience of my life. I enjoyed this opportunity so much that I now live in Ghana and work for the charity's sports academy".
    Alex Burrows , Football, Ghana
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